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Second mortgages - It gets even more absurd for many folks - Let’s talk about having some financial commonsense

Aim Above - Still a Force in Private Swimming Lessons

The ever expanding fortress of Soldera is alive and well as Aim Above, masters of Private Swimming Lessons, offer up even more diverse programming and lesson styles to suit your growing requirements.

Adults need to learn to swim too, and as such, those adults in Mississauga seeking to take refuge in a large bath to learn the way of the wave. It isn’t as common as you might think to find adults who cannot swim. As such, Aim Above has taken the lead on offering private adult swimming lessons at 3 distinct locations in Mississauga.

private swimming lessons

The added benefit of these being PRIVATE lessons is that it is just you and the swimming instructor. Having a one on one session will result in you being the prime focus of the lesson, therefore your strengths are strengthened further, and your weaknesses in the water are specifically addressed for improvement.

For example if you can hold your breath for a long time, then there’s no need to focus on that aspect of swimming lessons. Whereas if you’re lacking in the treading water department, you are able to take the extra time to master such water skills.

I’m not just speaking from a rookie standpoint here, this is legitimate information. Private adult swimming lessons in Mississauga have never been more available and more attainable.

The City of Binbrook | Finding Homes For Sale

You are frustrated and you are angry. You have wasted hours or even days searching for a home for sale in Binbrook, and you’re coming up short. The short list of homes for sale that qualifies for your interests probably doesn’t fit your budget either.

You have to balance your expectations and desires with the reality of the situation. The fact that Binbrook has a slightly higher price range for real estate shouldn’t come as a shock, especially if you are researching homes for sale in the area.

By researching beforehand, you will be able to create your own personal real estate expectations list for the home of your dreams, as well as an understandable price range to accommodate your wishes. I know this was the case for me when me and my wife started looking for homes in Simcoe. It was about balancing what we wanted to get, with the max price we wanted to get, and then seeing what had to be shaved off of those real estate needs to get us into more reasonable territory.

I think writing a real estate guide for people looking for homes for sale in Binbrook is probably not a bad idea. There are plenty of folks always looking, and if they had proper documentation, or perhaps a guide to the different areas in Binbrook and their respective price ranges.

Talk to Joe Groleau about finding your home sweet spot, Joe is actively serving residents in the Hamilton and Binbrook areas to find homes for sale.


Hamilton Mortgage Broker | Private Mortgages

I’m not the first guy to go browsing the web for a mortgage broker I’m sure. We’ve all had our day in the sun searching for the best mortgage rates and the best terms trying to find some glimmer of hope to where the perfect deal may come from.

Mortgage brokers in Hamilton come in many shapes in sizes, you have your large conglomerates spewing loan money as if it’s the exhaust of a vacuum cleaner. Opposite the large mortgage companies you also have the small time lenders who seem a little more eager to please. Hamilton is home to many of these companies, thereby making the choice a little bit harder to make.

When I found the perfect mortgage rate with Phil Romano of Verico, it was an easy process and I’m thankful that I found and chose him. He’s a pleasant character who knows the answers to my Hamilton mortgage questions before I even ask them!

Phil Romano - Hamilton Mortgage Broker Extrordinaire.

I’m not typically a guy to recommend one fellow over another, but this time I’ll give an exception.


Guelph’s World of Pest Hurt

Seek no more for a way around your pest control war.

The answer for your pest fears comes from a man who’ll shed no tears.

I wish I had such courage when faced with a mouse,

Empress Pest Services will make them leave my house.

Wasps buzzing and flying right outside of my front door.

For people in Guelph and area, say no more.

Empress is a living legend and pest control master.

You’ve never seen bugs mice and wasps leave faster.

I’m telling you that there’s a way to stop those pesky bugs,

Invite Empress Pest to your home in Guelph for a great big hug.

Brantford Music Lessons - Come to Mozarts Music House

Music Theory Lessons

I’ve tinkered with many instruments over the years. I’ve even gone to great lengths to learn the inside and outside of a guitar. Though learning music in various fashions has been exciting, it may not have been the most efficient manner to learn.

Truly learning music means learning music theory. Music theory is the basis for how all of the notes interact with one another, and how to craft wonderful music that resonates with you and others.

Brantford based “Mozart Music House” on Charing Cross offers music theory lessons as well as instrument specific lessons such as piano lessons.

Where it gets interesting is when you mix your theory lessons with a musical instrument lesson. I’ve been considering going to Mozart Music house to learn music theory ON THE PIANO specifically. As the Piano offers the only way to non-linearly play music. This is a remarkable advantage as you can take the strategies you’d learn on the piano to completely redefine how other instruments are played.

I’m really pushing the fact that if you are seeking music theory lessons in Brantford, then you should check out the Mozart Music House.

Call them at: (519) 304-3031

St. Catharines Pest Control - Mice Beware

Though they can be cute, mice can be one of the worst discoveries to make for finding animals and pests in your home in St. Catharine’s.

Mice are basically a sign that you have other problems in your home, such as bugs, ants, pests or wasps. Because the mice feed on these smaller insects, it must mean that there is an established food source that is allowing Mr. Mouse to set up shop permanently in your St. Catharines home.

By locating the food source you can stop the source of the infestation. Perhaps sometimes an outside perspective can give a fresh take on where the problem and pests may be arriving from. St. Catharines in a lovely place and we at Empress Pest Control want it to stay that way, let’s stop giving the house mouse his belly full, and let’s stop giving the wasps a sweet place to lurk in our fair city.

Check out Empress Pest and they can sort out your St. Catharines mouse and pest problems

Custom Hamilton Renovations - Kitchens and Bathrooms

Hamilton home owners and landlords take note: CJB Carpentry is poised to become your number 1 reason for starting or finishing your renovation project in Hamilton or Burlington.

CJB Carpentry offers an extraordinary array of specialties to allow them to cover most of the techniques and specialties you may require for your construction project. Be it a deck or fence or renovations of you bathroom or kitchen, CJB is in it to win it in our books.

You can witness for yourself an exciting gallery of photos from past projects on their website, so don’t be a shy guy and visit.

Hamilton Renovations Contractors

Swimming Instructor and Lifeguard Jobs in Toronto

Toronto and Mississauga based Aim Above requires the assistance of a part time swimming instructor or lifeguard experienced individual. Due to an increasing amount of enrollment, the Aim Above swimming courses require extra help in order to accommodate the influx.

Teach part time with a great wage, and have your clients given to you. Must have your own reliable means of transportation as we work all around the Toronto and Mississauga areas.

Apply on the website: Swimming Instructor Job Form

The Pest Control Situation is Getting Worse

Hamilton, the shining city of steel upon, and under the hill.

When we think of under the hill, and all those pesky pests that lurk in the under-Earth we get chills. Pest control in Hamilton needs to occur from the first moment we notice the issue. When pests are left to rein free, who knows what damage in Hamilton they could do?

Empress Pest Control is a company dedicated to the prevention and irradiation of such pests, and it could be great timing that you have just started looking for help. Hopefully the pest control problem you find yourself having isn’t too far gone that it will take a miracle to cure. Nonetheless, let’s have the experts decide for themselves what the best treatment for your problem would be.

You may only have seen 1 or 2 pest infestations in Hamilton, but Empress Pest has seen thousands. Their expertise is a welcome weapon in the arsenal against pests.



The boys have a sweet new articulated ride :)

The boys have a sweet new articulated ride :)

Holly says “is there something wrong with their gas pedal?” Lol funniest thing she’s ever said.

Holly says “is there something wrong with their gas pedal?” Lol funniest thing she’s ever said.

Electricians in Hamilton - Electrical Contractors


When you’re starting up a new business in Hamilton, and you require an electrical contractor to finalize some electrical work that you’ve been putting off, you’d do well to contact Hamilton’s finest electricians - ElectroStar Group. Electrostar Group is located on Purnell Drive in Hamilton, and is home to many certified and qualified electricians that are waiting for your call. Electrical work is dangerous work, and requires a skilful hand.

Be sure the hands you hire for your electrical work are the correct ones.

Hamilton Electricians

Your Hamilton Real Estate Agent

Joe Groleau from Sutton Innovative Realty Group in Hamilton, is proud to represent the Hamilton area as one of it’s finest real estate agents. You will probably require the services of a real estate agent at some point in the near future. Through life changes, or fiscal matters, the need to change homes can arise at any moment. Knowing your options ahead of time can greatly reduce the stress levels when it becomes time to make the move.

Real estate agents in Hamilton such as Joe Groleau, have years of experience in dealing with client’s matters ranging from complex, to immediate, to relaxed. Your position is respected by real estate agents, and they will truly take your situation into serious consideration when arranging your move.

Hamilton Real Estate Agent